I was born in 1994, the same year many Hiphop classics were born, such as Illmatic. Being raised in a small town in The Netherlands, Hiphop was not something that was always around. But when it was, it sparked something in me.

I have vivid memories of my uncle introducing me to The Chronic and Black Friday, and getting first CD, Get Rich Or Die Trying. These memories led to me studying the game later on. When internet became more accessible I became enthusiastic about discovering new artists, and I still do to this day.

Moving to Amsterdam at age 18, I found more people with the same interrest and felt the need to contribute. I started figuring out Ableton and imitating producers I would listen to back then such as Harry Fraud.

After four years of perfecting my craft, I started reaching out more and became connected with people in New York. That made decide to take a trip out there. I’ve spend a month in New York city sleeping in different (neighbor)hoods, connecting with as many people I could and trying to put as much work in as possible.

That month showed me that everything is possible and made me take music even more serious.


Currently, I’m still located in Amsterdam. I’m still learning, working on new ideas daily and I’m more confident with my craft and the people I work with. Important now is keeping a consistent work ethic while not getting stuck as far as growth.

I’m working on my own brand and try to put music out consistently, while working on projects I will proudly present to y’all in the future.



I’m very exited about what’s yet to come. I would love to.. more of a producer then a beatmaker. I want to help artists express their authenticity. And work on full projects including the mix, like I’m currently doing with Gaines.

..become better at composing, which could open doors for me to license music and produce for film. I’m currently pursuing this by practicing the bass guitar.

..strengthen my own brand and create a platform that will bring people together.

..keep growing! There is still so much to learn and discover.